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In Case You’re Curious (ICYC) gives teens access to medically-accurate information at their fingertips! ICYC is a sexual health textline that allows teens to confidentially ask questions, build confidence to access the health services they need, and find a health center location near them.

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In Case You're Curious: Why and How It Works for Reaching Teens

  • Ninety-three percent of teenagers today prefer to communicate via phone, which includes both texting and talking, according to the Pew Research Center. It’s vital that organizations keep up with teens, which is easy to do with ICYC. ICYC, which can be used with any brand, gives teens access to medically-accurate information in the way they are most comfortable, using the smallest amount of your organization’s resources.
  • A young person texts a keyword specific to your organization to a 5-digit phone number and then is able to ask questions whenever they have them. When a teen texts ICYC a question, that question is sent to a secure web-based database where it appears, without any identifying information, for a trained educator of the Responsible Sex Education Institute to answer. The educator sends a medically-accurate response to the question and encourages the teen to visit a health center and helps them locate the nearest center, or encourages them to talk to a trusted adult for more information.
  • Because teen health matters! ICYC encourages adult-teen communication by suggesting that teens talk to adults they trust for more information. Not all young people come from homes where conversations about sexual health take place so ICYC helps fill these gaps in information and dispel sexual health myths that commonly spread among teens.

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